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Clayton Kershaw tried to knock an apple off Jimmy Kimmel's head with a baseball and failed

Jimmy Kimmel had Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw try and knock an apple off his head with a baseball, but instead he got hit in the face.

Jimmy Kimmel seems to enjoy testing athletes of all kinds when they come on his show, but he may wish he had held off on challenging Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw .

Kimmel asked the two-time Cy Young award winner to nock an apple off the host's head with a baseball, and it went about as poorly as one would expect.

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Kershaw is an amazing pitcher, but throwing balls at half speed with a sport coat on is not going to help anyone's accuracy.

The host says they are not regulation balls, which hopefully spared him some pain, but judging by the thud, he is probably armed with a full supply of aspirin today.


-Brendan Maloy