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The Bachelorette's Josh Murray is taken, so here's 10 athletes who are also bachelors

This past Monday night marked the culmination of another Bachelorette choosing her beau on national television. Andi Dorfman, 26, gave the final rose to former University of Georgia safety and minor league baseball player Josh Murray, 29. While Dawg fans rejoiced that a member of their team could score on and off the field, many women shed endless tears that he was lost to them forever (unless he and Andi have a nasty divorce).  To help heal the broken hearts and inspire a sense of hope that not all is lost, Extra Mustard has created this list of the most eligible professional athlete bachelors. Ladies (and some gentlemen), we even gave you a guide on how they’d fare on the show.

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. Derek Jeter

40 | Shortstop, New York Yankees

Bachelorette Challenge He’d Win: Jeter would definitely win the hometown visit. How could he not when everyone in New York loves him?

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. Johnny Manziel

21 | Quarterback, Cleveland Browns

Bachelorette Rose He’d Receive: Manziel would definitely walk away with a First Impression Rose. Hopefully his party-boy antics won’t get in the way of winning or love.

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. Rory McIlroy

25 | Golfer

Bachelorette Rose He’d Receive: Just think of that charming Northern Irish accent whispering sweet nothings to you before he takes up his club on the golf greens. That’s why he’d get the Best Accent Rose.

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. Rob Gronkowski

25 | Tight End, New England Patriots

Bachelorette Challenge He’d Win: Gronkowski’s charitable ways and football-bod make him an easy winner for the Bachelorette’s Charity Stripping challenge.

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. Golden Tate

25 | Wide Receiver, Detroit Lions

Bachelorette Challenge He’d Win: Despite the rumors swirling around him, Tate maintains his innocence on Twitter. He’d win the lie detector challenge.

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. Tim Howard

36 | Goalie, USMNT

Bachelorette Rose He’d Receive: With his amazing performance during the World Cup, Tim Howard should get the Only Member of the USMNT Most Americans Can Remember rose.

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. Kevin Love

26 | Forward-Center for a TBD NBA team

Bachelorette Challenge He’d Win: During the show’s scrimmage against WNBA players, Love could surely hold his own against Swin Cash and Lindsey Harding.

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. Tim Tebow

26 | ESPN Analyst

Bachelorette Rose He’d Receive: Tebow would surely get the “Most Versatile Athlete” rose between his hosting gig and NFL aspirations.

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. Justin Verlander

31 | Pitcher, Detroit Tigers

Bachelorette Challenge He’d Win: While this isn’t an official challenge from the show, we’re sure he’d win the “Most Glares to Random Strangers For Checking Out My Model Girlfriend” challenge.

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. Ryan Lochte

29 | Swimmer

Bachelorette Challenge He’d Win: Lochte would win the Still-Attractive-Even-Though-He's-Completely-Hairless rose.

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. Ian Thorpe

31 | Olympic Swimmer

Bachelorette Rose He'd Get: Best-Nickname-That-Could-Also-Be-Kind-Of-Sexual Rose

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