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Chad Johnson tweets out phone number to fans

Chad Johnson tweeted out his phone number to fans on Tuesday night. Minor twitter pandemonium ensued. 

On his best days, Chad Johnson lit up defenses while running routes and scoring touchdowns for the Oregon State Beavers and the Cincinnati Bengals. But the only thing lighting up Tuesday night is the outspoken wide receiver's phone. Maybe. 

Johnson, née Ochocinco, tweeted out seven of his phone number's ten digits Tuesday night, creating a nice little puzzle for all the people who are still Chad Johnson fans. 

The 36-year-old Johnson has done this type of thing before, albeit with a different number. "Humble Pie" Johnson, as he's known on the pitch, is now flying incognito as a member of the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. 

The question hangs in the balance Tuesday night: Will the notoriously friendly Quebeçois blow up Chadwick's cell piece? Or will Johnson, staring alone into his poutine and desirous of genuine friendship, receive no love in return?

Come on (North) America! You can rally around this! There are only 999 possible phone numbers Johnson's could be. I've seen fans send more than 999 texts in one NFL quarter. Can someone with unlimited talk-and-text get on this?

- Will Green