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The Cleveland Plain-Dealer refused to run an ad from a Miami radio show making fun of LeBron James

The Miami-based Dan LeBatard Show tried to place an ad in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer making fun of LeBron James, but the paper refused to run the full-page ad.

LeBron James may have been welcomed back to Cleveland with open arms, but the people of Miami are still a little sore that he spurned them after four years and two rings.

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That inspired Miami-based radio program "The Dan LeBatard Show" to try and place an ad poking fun at James in Cleveland's The Plain Dealer newspaper as well as The Akron Beacon-Journal.  However, both papers declined to run the ad, which LeBatard said was not intended to be mean-spirited.

The above tweet shows what the ad would have looked like, and it is kind of hard to decipher where the joke is. Do the fans of Miami think they are more responsible for the two championship rings than LeBron was? Why wouldn't they be thanking him for winning? It is all very confusing.

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-Brendan Maloy