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MLB Network fell for a fake Ken Rosenthal Twitter account

MLB Network fell victim to a fake Ken Rosenthal Twitter account reporting David Price had been traded to the Detroit Tigers.

Don't feel so bad next time you get all excited about your team getting Kevin Love/David Price/Peyton Manning only to discover you have been duped by one of Twitters many fake account, because it appears even the MLB themselves gets tricked from time to time.

@Ken_Rosenthal_ tweeted: 

Sources: #Tigers close to finalizing deal with #Rays involving David Price and Ben Zobrist. More details to come.

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That is certainly some important breaking news. Unfortunately for MLB Network (and Tigers fans) it is made up, because the real Ken Rosenthal is @Ken_Rosenthal.

The fake account was suspended shortly afterwards in a win for sports journalists and a loss for internet mischief.

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-Brendan Maloy