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Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale has been sneaking a "word of the start" into his post game interviews all season.

By Extra Mustard
August 12, 2014

Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale has been playing a game with the media in each of his post-start interviews this season.

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It seems Sale has been slipping in a "word of the start" into each postgame chat that is funneled to him by the team's video coordinator Bryan Johnson, and the All-Star is taking the challenge very seriously.

"When you commit to something as serious as this, you have to ride it out through the good and the bad," Sale said. "We had said that we were going to do it every start this year. In a sense, me and Bryan are on a team now, and I can't let my team down. I have two teams to play for a night."

Sale has successfully worked one in after every start following Opening Day, including such SAT prep classics as juxtapose, ameliorate, cacophony and amalgamation. The White Sox website has list of all the terms Sale has tossed in to the interviews if you are looking to pump up your vocab to Cy Young candidate levels.


-Brendan Maloy


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