Cristiano Ronaldo tries to sneak in some extra height in a Real Madrid team photo

Cristiano Ronaldo was caught trying to give himself a little bit of false height over his teammates in a pregame photo taken with Real Madrid.
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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the biggest stars in the most popular sport in the world and is pretty universally considered to be a very handsome man on top of that.

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It seems that is not enough for Ronaldo though, who also wishes he were a little bit taller, judging by his tip toe position for a pre-match photo with the rest of the Real Madrid XI.

From the front everything seems on the up and up, and there is Ronaldo with a sold inch and half of height over the rest of the squad.


But check out this side angle.


Who would have guessed Ronaldo and Skee-Lo had something in common.


-Brendan Maloy