August 14, 2014

Magic Johnson at 55

Hard to believe that Magic Johnson is 55. SI has been shooting the Lakers legend since he was in high school in Lansing, Mich., and we've collected our best photos in honor of Magic's big day. Enjoy.

O.J. Obsessed With Kim Kardashian

Yes, that's right. The 67-year-old former football star "has been drooling over pinups" of Kardashian, according to RadarOnline. He even took a dig at Kardashian's ex, Reggie Bush, saying, " She likes black ball players; I am a Hall of Famer -- and I still have my Heisman award." Making this extra creepy is that Kim's father, Robert Kardashian, was O.J.'s lawyer and Simpson has known her since she was little.

Bad Idea of the Week

Not sure why the Indiana State Police thought it would be a good idea to let a group of high school football players pose with what looks like automatic weapons, but the photo is causing quite the backlash in Plainfield, Ind. 

Throwback Lovely Lady of the Day

It's Thursday. It's Halle Berry's birthday. Sometimes, the Throwback LLOD decision is easy.

Hot Clicks Giveaway: Planters Prize Packs

The good people at Planters teamed up with Frank Thomas to not only create this memorable photo, but also to celebrate the release of four new peanut flavors -- chipotle, smoked, cocoa and salted caramel. Even better, the four flavors will be a part of today's giveaway in addition to a duffel bag, water bottle, notebook and some classic peanuts. Yes, Planters hooked it up. I will send packs to the first three people who email me ( the MLB stadium where this week's Concession Food Item of the Week is located. The answer is in this morning's Hot Clicks. Please make the subject line "Planters."

Update (7:39 p.m.): Contest is closed. Winners will be notified. More contests on the way. 

25 'Ball to the Face' GIFs 

What's worse than getting smacked in the face with a ball? Having it caught on video and converted into a GIF for the world to see. Just ask these people.

Buffalo Really Hates Bon Jovi

Odds & Ends

ICYMI: Pro wrestlers Terry Funk and Jesse "The Body" Ventura call out Sports Illustrated in this epic 1986 promo ... A pro wrestler is going to Ferguson, Mo. to join the protesters ... Police have cleared Marshawn Lynch in an assault and property damage case ... Patrick Kane took home MVP honors from the offseason beer league he's been playing in ... Erin Andrews is on the cover of Health and she looks phenomenal ... This is what the Maple Leafs' new monument will look like ... Behind-the-scenes look at what the Nebraska football team eats each meal ... Sydney Leroux got her legs chopped up playing on turf and Kobe Bryant is not happy about it ... John Calipari had some deep thoughts this morning and let the world know about it.

Happy Birthday, Earl Weaver

Earl Weaver would've turned 84 today. This remains one of the most entertaining videos in baseball history (warning: mucho swearing involved). 


Taiwanese Animation Video of the Day

The geniuses tackle Orlando Scandrick, Jerry Jones and the drama surrounding the Cowboys. This video is a bit racy, so proceed with caution.

Bike Messengers Have a Weird Way of Unwinding

After a tough day at the office, many of NYC's bike messengers race against each other in a high-speed mini-velodrome.

USC Song Girls Do Ice Bucket Challenge

I wasn't going to link to more of these but then the USC Song Girls came along.

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