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By Extra Mustard
August 20, 2014

The All-Pro team. The Pro Bowl. Back in the day, the All-Madden team. There are many prestigious honors NFL players can attain, perhaps none more so than the right to appear in the Sunday Night Football intro video and stand on top of giant cubes while Carrie Underwood sings. 

The list of 11 players who will appear in the intro this season was released Wednesday, and it contains some of the league's biggest stars. Between them, the group has 44 Pro Bowl appearances, five Super Bowl championships and three Super Bowl MVP trophies. 

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The full list: 

Jimmy Graham
Colin Kaepernick
​Luke Kuechly
​Eli Manning
Peyton Manning
Brandon Marshall
Clay Matthews
LeSean McCoy
Philip Rivers
DeMarcus Ware
Russell Wilson

These guys have been waitin' all day for a Sunday night. 

- Alex Hampl 


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