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By Extra Mustard
September 08, 2014

It seems like a Philadelphia burger joint tried to get some viral publicity by casting Eagles running back LeSean McCoy in a bad light. The Philadelphia Daily News ran with it, as did Philadelphia Magazine, but Facebook sleuths have tried to debunk the story. 

PYT in Philadelphia posted a picture of a receipt bearing McCoy's name on its Facebook page Monday afternoon. It showed that McCoy paid with a Visa card and tipped 20 cents on a roughly $60 bill. That's .03 percent. 

But the commenters on the original Facebook post are a bit skeptical. Some think the waiter provided bad service. Others claim to have waited on McCoy and been tipped quite generously. "He's left me $200 on a $100 check at the bar I worked at," a guy named Seth Stewart posted. "Something is off here."

Another Facebook user posted a picture of the same receipt with a different name.

Screengrab via Facebook

The owner of the restaurant and the waiter, whose name appears on the receipt, have both vouched for its validity. McCoy hadn't commented on the incident heading into Monday night. 

- Dan Gartland

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