September 11, 2014

What’s up everybody? Pete Blackburn here, filling in for Andy today. This is my Hot Clicks debut so, please, be gentle. Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@PeteBlackburn) if you like hockey, GIFs, and tweets about ‘New Girl.’

Bob Marley and Sports

If you missed it, has a must-see video with Bob Marley's son Rohan and grandson Nico discussing their life in football and being part of the Marley family. This inspired us to comb through the archives for all the Bob Marley and Sports photos we could find. Enjoy.

The Ray Rice Saga Continues

Paul George took to Twitter to defend Ray Rice, much to the chagrin of Larry Bird. Meanwhile, Jon Stewart took the NFL to task on The Daily Show and Boomer Esiason absolutely ripped ESPN for continuously showing the elevator footage. 

Creative Cam

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton got real creative at a press conference this week, repeating the same exact answer five times. In other news, former Panthers and current Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith seems very anxious to play Newton and his former squad.

Throwback Lovely Lady of the Day

I finally got around to seeing Lifetime's Saved by the Bell movie and it was not good. It reminded me of the 2012-13 Lakers in which all the pieces were there for success but it just didn't come together as planned. Though the Lakers made the Finals that year so maybe not the best comparison. Anyhow, Elizabeth Berkley was part of the SBTB cast before moving onto Showgirls (a.k.a. - The complete opposite of Saved by the Bell). Anyhow, she earns today's Throwback LLOD honors. I know you're excited (click here for full-size gallery).

Great Tribute

The Boston College Eagles will be wearing ‘Red Bandana’ themed uniforms on Saturday to honor Welles Crowther, a B.C. lacrosse player who died helping people out of the World Trade Center on 9/11. If you haven’t seen this Outside The Lines piece on Crowther, it’s well worth your time (and tears).  

Finally, a Jersey Made of Denim


Odds & Ends

Mike Tyson was NOT happy when a reporter brought up his criminal history during a recent interview… The parents of Texas A&M quarterback Kenny Hill are trying to trademark his “Kenny Trill” nickname… NHL fans will be bummed to hear that HBO won’t be doing a 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic this year…A minor league baseball team has turned its outfield into a mini-golf courseCharlie Sheen is offering $1,000 to the waiter who got stiffed by LeSean McCoyA-Rod is on LinkedIn?

Bad Idea

Things didn’t turn out too well for this high school coach who decided to chest bump one of his players.

R.I.P. Richard Kiel

The 7-foot-2 actor passed away on Wednesday at age 74. He’s most known for playing the James Bond villain Jaws but sports fans will recognize him as Mr. Larson from Happy Gilmore.


Trampoline dunkers at the Vatican?

Trampoline dunkers at the Vatican.

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