Older NFL players can't remember to charge their playbooks

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We typically don't think of NFL players as being "old," at least not since Brett Favre retired. And yet, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal, a whole bunch of guys in the league are too old to use their team-issued tablets.

Every NFL team has replaced the old analog playbooks with tablets this season. Players also use the devices to watch game film and look at still images on the sidelines during games.

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There's one problem, though: The league's older players can't quite figure out how to use their new high tech toys.

According to the Journal, the biggest problem is remembering to keep their tablets charged.

"You use it up so fast you need to remember to go leave it [at the charging station]," Bengals offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth told the Journal. "You are coming and going and if you don't remember, you are in big trouble."

Clearly this is only a problem with veterans. A millennial's greatest fear is having their battery die.

- Dan Gartland