By Extra Mustard
October 01, 2014

Derek Jeter took to Twitter Wednesday to promote The Player's Tribune, the new website Jeter will be heavily involved in editing lending his name to. Jeter held a brief Q&A on the site's Twitter page.

Derek Jeter launches website to connect athletes to fans

Jeter's site promise to "present the unfiltered voices of professional athletes" but his answers on Twitter were mostly just as boring as ever, with a couple major exceptions.

One person, whose Twitter avatar and banner photo both feature his cat, told the Yankee captain his cat was named Jeter and asked if Jeter liked cats.

Also, who would have guessed Jeter was a fan of soap operas?

Jeter also had a strong response when asked if he would ever become a coach. 

Jeter's said this before, but reiterating it probably means he really doesn't want to.

- Dan Gartland

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