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Jordan Zimmermann may have purchased a new car for the rookie outfielder who saved his no-hitter. 

By Extra Mustard
October 03, 2014

On Sunday, Jordan Zimmermann threw the first no-hitter in Washington Nationals' history, in the final game of the regular season no less, thanks in large part to an amazing catch from rookie outfielder Steven Souza Jr.

After the game, Zimmermann said he would get Souza whatever he desired and Souza joked he wanted "a Beemer in my garage," before saying that the thrill of making the catch was enough for him. But Zimmermann came through anyway.

On Friday, the pitcher said reporters should ask the rookie what his reward for the all-out grab was, and Souza told the media Zimmermann had indeed bought him a BMW, according to The Washington Postalthough reporters on the scene are still unsure if he was kidding.

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The BMW is probably a worthwhile investment for Zimmermann, as he will know for the rest of his career that his teammates will be going for every batted ball as hard as they can.

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