By Extra Mustard
October 06, 2014

Alabama's loss Saturday to Ole Miss dropped the Tide all the way to No. 7 in the AP poll. The fine people of our 22nd state are not reacting well to this. 

On his radio show Monday, Paul Finebaum took a call from longtime caller "Phyllis from Mulga." Phyllis was, should we say, displeased that Finebaum thought the loss signaled the end of Nick Saban's dynasty at 'Bama.

This is the same Phyllis who called in to Finebaum's show after Alabama's loss to Oklahoma in last year's Sugar Bowl and went on a similarly impassioned rant.

Alabama fan throws trash at Ole Miss fan, receives clothesline​

Credit to Finebaum for sitting there and letting her spout.

- Dan Gartland

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