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By Extra Mustard
October 07, 2014

Knicks center Cole Aldrich lost a tooth while playing at Kansas. He has a fake one that goes in its place, but doesn't always wear it. So Jonah Ballow of decided to ask Aldrich how decides to when to pop the tooth in and when he leaves it out. 

Gah, gross. Not cool, Cole. 

Aldrich apparently has a history of doing stuff like this. He told the Lawrence Journal-World in 2009 that he likes to take the tooth out to "keep people on their toes."

“It’s a new fashion,” Aldrich also said. “It’s one of those new things that Hollywood needs to get hold of.”

Well, now he plays in New York, America's fashion capitol.

- Dan Gartland

[via Posting and Toasting]

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