By Extra Mustard
October 09, 2014

The Adirondack Flames, a minor league hockey team, unveiled their new mascot today. This would be boring, if not for the mascot's wacky origin story.

The Glens Falls Post-Star has the whole story.

[Scorch the Flame] is the lone surviving flame from the fire that destroyed much of Glens Falls in 1864.

But wait, celebrating the day the whole town burned down isn't the weird part.

Scorch was supposedly a smoldering ember in Bride and Gown, which was originally Calvin Robbin's blacksmith shop (one of the few buildings in the Glens Falls business district to survive the fire).

But wait, Scorch hiding out in a bridal shop for 150 years isn't the weird part. 

Scorch the Flame then overpowered a firefighter, showing his strength.

That's the weird part.


Scorch emerged from his bridal shop slumber and beat up a firefighter.

The firefighter wasn't injured, the Flames say, but he sure looks to be in pretty rough shape. People on Twitter were not pleased, so the team issued a statement apologizing

- Dan Gartland

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