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By Extra Mustard
October 14, 2014

Fashion is really, really weird. It doesn't get much weirder than Louis Vuitton commissioning Karl Lagerfeld (he's a fashion guy) to design products inspiring by boxing.

You can view the whole collection here.

The purses are kinda cool, in the way they incorporate the chains used to hang punching bags. But a few of the items are downright ridiculous.

First there's the Louis Vuitton boxing gloves, which seem totally insane at first but less more insane when you consider you can use them to punch a Louis Vuitton punching bag. 

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But wait, there's more! For anyone thinking, "Gee, I'd really love to have a luxury punching bag, but where would I put it?" Lagerfeld has you covered. The bag comes with a trunk to store it in. Only 25 were made, and the price isn't publicly listed, but according to The New York Timesit costs about $175,000.

The product description is some of the most nauseating promotional copy ever written: 

Karl Lagerfeld possesses an unerring knack for capturing the air du temps and distilling it into objects of desire. In celebration of Vuitton’s iconic Monogram canvas, the master imagined an extravagant set of luggage and accessories for devotees of the "sweet science."

Yeah, no thanks.

- Dan Gartland 

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