By Extra Mustard
October 22, 2014

Auburn, with good reason, is a football school. So the Tigers' basketball coach, Bruce Pearl, is going to have a hard time drumming up interest in his team.

The Tigers haven't had a winning season in five years, and haven't made the NCAA Tournament in 12 years. The football team, meanwhile, is the reigning SEC champion.

Mississippi State fan gets '#HAILSTATE' tattoo​

Pearl, along with the school marching band and cheerleaders, barged into a class at Auburn to tell everyone to go to the Tigers' midnight madness pep rally, appropriately called "Pearl Jam."

The class Pearl busted into was in the middle of a discussion about branding. Hopefully he stuck around to get some tips on how to brand his team as something other than thoroughly mediocre. 

- Dan Gartland

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