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Blazer also pleaded guilty in a corruption investigation centering on more than $100 million in bribes. 

By Extra Mustard
November 03, 2014

Former FIFA executive Chuck Blazer is the subject of a large exposè in the New York Daily News, in which it is alleged that Blazer and other executives used their power over the world's most popular sport to enrich themselves.

But one of the details of the report is insanely lavish even by FIFA standards, as Blazer allegedly rented a $6,000/month apartment in the Trump Towers just for his cats, next to his own $18,000/month unit.

CONCACAF’s offices took up the entire 17th floor, but Blazer often worked from two apartments where he lived on the 49th floor in $18,000-per-month digs for himself and an adjoining $6,000 retreat largely for his unruly cats, according to a source.

According to the Daily News, Blazer turned into an informant for the FBI in 2011, providing information on several of his fellow Executive Committee members in exchange for remaining a free man.

[UPDATE May 27, 2015: Blazer is among four individuals who pleaded guilty in a corruption investigation regarding more than $100 million in bribes. ON Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Justice indicted 14 soccer officials on corruption charges, while Swiss authorities opened a separate inquiry into FIFA.]

Brendan Maloy

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