Someone in the Phoenix Suns organization must consider themselves to be quite the prankster, because they are really putting players through the emotional ringer this year.

By Extra Mustard
November 05, 2014

The Phoenix Suns are 3-1 so far this season, but they are undefeated when it comes to reptile-related pranks. 

Last week, the team unleashed a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex on its players with some help from Goran Dragic, which for most teams would be enough of a Halloween prank.

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Unfortunately for  players, the Suns decided to add some more reptilian terror by hiding a spring loaded fake snake in a cooler at a photo shoot, eliciting reactions ranging from Gerald Green's hilariously profane response to Shavlik Randolph's folksy, understated "Oh gosh, that scared me!"

This is not the first year the Suns have tried these scare tactics either, with Gerald Green slapping the Suns mascot in the face when he jumped out of a garbage can to scare him last season.

Phoenix players should get hazard pay for this type of thing.

Brendan Maloy

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