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The Weekend Preview: Your weekly list of things to do, eat, watch, and buy for November 7th

Now that the stress of Halloween weekend is over, you can kick back, relax, and really settle into your winter body (gotta fatten up before you hibernate, you know?). But you can still maximize your fun while relaxing.  To help you out, we've rounded up the best things to do, eat, watch, and buy this weekend. And don't worry, we have a strict No-Christmas-Things-Until-After-Thanksgiving policy.

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. Fun Fun Fun fest

Friday thru Sunday | Austin, TX

Fun Fun Fun Fest, an annual music and comedy festival hosted in Austin, Texas, returns for its 8th year this weekend. Stages are organized by genre, so it’s easy to find the acts you want to see, including Judas Priest, Nas, Modest Mouse, Girl Talk, Wiz Khalifa, and comedians Fred Armisen, Kumail Nanjiani, and Rachel Bloom. You can also check out live skate and BMX demos presented by Volcom.

. New York Comedy Festival

Friday thru Sunday | New York, NY

Here’s your opportunity to check out the cream of the crop of modern comedy. More than 200 comedians will perform in the festival’s 11th year, including Bob Odenkirk, Nick Offerman, Maria Bamford, Eric Andre, Marc Maron, Amy Schumer, and Hannibal Buress. The NYCF is also a great opportunity to see some new faces perform – learn about comics like Emma Willmann and Matteo Lane before your friends do, so you can seem super cool.

. Copper Mountain Opening Weekend

Opens Friday | Copper Mountain, CO

The wait is over! Ski season is back! If your drug of choice is white powder, head to Copper Mountain for their opening weekend. The resort plans to have top-to-bottom skiing on two of their chairlifts, with more to open soon. Other ski resorts opening this weekend include Keystone, Wolf Creek; or you could head to Arapahoe Basin, which has been open for a while.

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Saturday and Sunday | San Pedro, CA

Over 70 breweries are represented at this beer festival in San Pedro, California. Sponsored by the Shelton Brothers, an East Coast beer importer and distributor, the festival hosts actual brewers instead of reps or salespeople. The list of brewers is a real who’s-who of the beer world, featuring names like Belgium’s Cantillon and Denmark’s Mikkeller. A lot of these beers are typically sold exclusively on their home turf, so this is a great opportunity for you to try them without spending thousands of dollars on a European vacation.

. The Sens Prime Rib Double Decker

Canadian Tire Centre | Ottowa, Canada

Are you looking for something to fill the sandwich-shaped hole in your heart? How about the Ottowa Senators’ newest concession item, filled with chopped prime rib, Sriracha mayo, and Tabasco onions? You know that episode of Spongebob where Squidward tries his first Krabby Patty? Yeah, that’s gonna be you. For more information (including the devastating calorie count), click here.

. (716) Food and Sports Restaurant

HarborCenter | Buffalo, NY

Ordinarily we would never recommend you go anywhere near Buffalo, but the HarborCenter, a $172 million hockey, dining, and hospitality facility is opening this week and it’s actually worth checking out. Their new sports bar, (716), offers items like stuffed banana peppers, poutine, onion rings hand-breaded with Wheaties. Finally, something good comes out of Buffalo besides the phrase “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

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SI Recommends

. Lance Armstrong: Stop At Nothing

Friday 9:00 PM | Showtime

Few athletes have had a fall from grace of such Icarus-like proportions as Lance Armstrong. From Livestrong darling to poster-child for illegal steroid use, Armstrong’s story has held the country captivated for years. This new documentary focuses on friends of Armstrong who ultimately turned against him, and asks exactly why America was so fascinated with this man who ultimately disappointed them. This is the American premiere for the film, which has already debuted in Australia and the UK.

. AFI Fest

Friday thru Sunday | Los Angeles, CA

Catch the closing weekend of AFI Film Fest this weekend in Los Angeles. The festival will screen 118 films this year and feature speaking engagements with Birdman’s Michael Keaton and Edward Norton as well as the world premiere of ‘The Gambler,’ starring Mark Wahlburg. The best part of the festival is that ticketing is free (but that also means tickets are hard to come by, so get on that). Wanna know what you’re getting into? Check out our reviews of two AFI Festival films, Foxcatcher and Red Army.

. Too Many Cooks

YouTube via Adult Swim

Because it’s truly the most important thing on the internet. I could talk about postmodernism, Brechtian theory, deconstructionism, and pastiche – they all apply here – but honestly? It’s just funny. Just watch it because it’s so incredibly funny.

. The most adorable Bruins fan of all time

Say hello to Liam Fitzgerald, an 8-year-old who is way cooler than you. Liam, who has Down syndrome, beat cancer at age 7, and is basically the biggest sports fan of all time. Aside from dressing up as Adam McQuaid for Halloween last year, he’s visited Fenway Park with Clay Buchholz, AND he’s a better sports analyst than I am. ‘His favorite question of the players is: ‘What are the keys to the game?’” according to Fitzgerald’s mom. Watch him fist-bump the Bruins as they walk off the ice and try not to smile.

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. Nike Chuck Posite QS ID


Charles Barkley is going on a hunger-strike this week, but that won’t delay the release of his new sneaker with Nike. You can customize the sneaker’s upper with metallic colors, reflective accents, or a crocodile-inspired graphic, and add a glow-in-the-dark outsole and lace if you have like a big job interview coming up or something. These are SUPER limited edition, so get your hands on them while you can.


If you went to this week, you might have been surprised to discover the smiling face of… Mark Cuban? The Nets never owned, and the owners, a New Mexic-based company called Cyber Mesa Computer Systems, are now offering it for purchase. You’ll have to steal it back from Jason Kidd, though.

. The Vikings' old injury cart

$4,000 | Craigslist

If you’re looking for a car that will grab attention but is less inconvenient than the Bluth stair car, look no further than the internet. Someone on Craigslist is the owner of the cart the Vikings once used to cart injured players off the field, and it could be yours if you act fast. Just like the tight ends it once carried off, the truck is a fixer-upper, but it’s nothing a little TLC can’t take care of.

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