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Curt Schilling debates evolution on Twitter for a solid four hours

Late Wednesday, former pitcher Curt Schilling displayed his Hall of Fame-type longevity by arguing about evolution (!) on Twitter for a solid four hours.
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One of the attributes that made Curt Schilling such a good pitcher over his 20-year MLB career was his stamina. The six-time All-Star had nine 200-inning seasons, including four 250-inning seasons, and led baseball with 15 complete games in 1998.

He's also known for his famous Bloody Sock Game, in which he pitched through pain (and blood) to deliver a win for the Red Sox in Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees.

On Wednesday, Schilling displayed his Hall of Fame-type longevity by arguing about evolution (!) on Twitter for a solid four hours.

It all began with a tweet linking to an anti-evolution Youtube video early Wednesday morning. Schilling later replied to someone who disagreed with the video close to 3 p.m. ET, but things really kicked off when Schilling began debating another Twitter user at 7:24 p.m.

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From there it was off to the races: four straight hours of classic, unproductive Twitter debate, with Schilling tweeting an unimaginable amount of times in argument with what felt like hundreds of strangers. Here's one example of Schilling's viewpoint:

On and on it went. At times it was civil and at times it wasn't very civil, but it always managed to remain a spectacle.

Luckily, Schilling seemed to remain a good sport about it all. Even though most everyone who joined the conversation disagreed with him, Schilling managed to hold on to his sense of humor.

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Finally, four hours later, the marathon was over: At 11:24 p.m., Schilling declared his appreciation for the debate and said he's "out." (Never mind that he continued to reply to people for a solid half hour-plus longer.)

Thus concluded what hopefully isn't the last time Schilling takes to Twitter to debate science topics. It wasn't quite the Bloody Sock Game, but it was thoroughly entertaining.

Oh, and in case anyone forgot about the Bloody Sock Game, he made sure to tweet a photo from that gruesome injury earlier in the day Wednesday. 

Ben Estes