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Woody Harrelson teaches proper tackling technique on 'SNL'

Watch Woody Harrelson teach proper tackling technique on this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live.

Are the NFL's new concussion protocols hurting your football team's tackling? Look no further than to Woody Harrelson for some insight into "playing defense" in this modern era of priortized player safety.

Harrelson hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and among his hilarious run of skits was this one, where he helped his Newton High team figure out how to tackle in light of the new rules.

Football Halftime Speech (Saturday Night Live)

After Harrelson demonstrates how to test a concussed player's cognitive awareness with Jay Pharoah, that's Keenan Thompson doing his best to steal the show with his cameo as a "nine-time Pittsburgh Steeler."

All in all, it's yet another solid NFL takedown from SNL.

​- Mike Fiammetta