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Justin Timberlake, Grizzlies part-owner, got called a bandwagon fan

The Grizzlies blew out the Rockets on Monday night, 119-93, to improve to 10-1. Justin Timberlake decided to share his excitement on Twitter in an understated manner. 

Some guy accused Timberlake of being a bandwagon fan, but he shot right back.

New York man quits job to attend every Knicks game​

But while Timberlake might have put his money behind the Grizzlies, it seems like he hasn't always given them his undivided attention.

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Uh oh. That's pretty damning evidence, but just because he once wore some Lakers gear doesn't mean he can't be all in on the Griz now. Jay-Z once wore a Knicks jersey in a music video and later bought a piece of the Nets. People change.

Also, the Lakers are terrible.

- Dan Gartland