Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino tried to ease the suffering of Savannah State, which trailed 41-7 at halftime Monday night, so he put "four white guys and an Egyptian" on the court.  

By Extra Mustard
November 25, 2014

The sixth-ranked Louisville Cardinals took on the Savannah State Tigers on Monday night and the game got out of hand pretty quickly with the Cardinals jumping out to a 41-7 lead at halftime.

In order to avoid causing the Tigers any undue embarrassment, Pitino tried to come up with a game plan for the game's second half that might lessen the blowout while still preserving a Cardinals' win.

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When asked to explain his plan to alleviate Savannah State's suffering, Pitino responded," I played four white guys and an Egyptian."

The Tigers did bounce back a little bit, scoring 17 second-half points, but the end result was still a very lopsided 87-26.

Brendan Maloy

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