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One of the sports world's favorite Twitter accounts could soon be no more.

By Extra Mustard
December 01, 2014

One of the sports world's most popular Twitter accounts could soon be no more.

The man behind @FauxPelini, a parody account of ex-Nebraska coach Bo Pelini, told the Associated Press that he's "not sure" right now whether the account will continue now that the real Pelini was fired on Sunday

The @FauxPelini account was created in December 2010 and currently has 161,000 followers. All that is known about the man behind it is that he is a Nebraska fan who lives in the Chicago area, according to the AP.

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The account, which features a classic profile picture of the real Pelini holding a cat, became so popular that Pelini came out of the tunnel for the Cornhuskers' spring game in 2014 holding a cat above his head in a nod to @FauxPelini. 

The Fake Pelini met Sunday's news about as amazingly as you would expect:


- Molly Geary

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