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By Extra Mustard
December 01, 2014

The Denver Police department felt like sending out some love on Monday, and their gesture of local support took the form of a shout out to the city's sports teams. You know, the Broncos, the Avalanche, the Rockies and the Rapids.

It was nice of it to show appreciation for the sports teams, and no doubt the organizations were appreciative of the gesture. 

All the organizations, that is, except the Denver Nuggets, who felt slighted by the electronic snub ("e-snub") and didn't hesitate to let Denver's finest know of their displeasure.

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Yes, that is cold. And surprising, too, since the Nuggets are 8-8 and only one game out of a playoff spot in the Western Conference at the moment. But apparently a middling record is enough to get a team left behind when the Denver PD is picking favorites.

However, just a short time later, the Denver Police extended an apology, giving the Nuggets an internet hug ("e-hug") to make up for the mistake. 

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