By Andy Gray
December 05, 2014

Best Unibrows in Sports History

Pelicans forward Anthony Davis made his debut on the SI cover this week with the headline "Time to Really Fear the Brow." The cover story can be read online here. Though Davis has emerged as the best young talent in the NBA, it’s his unique unibrow that's been the most recognizable feature on him for the past few years. In honor of Davis, we put together this gallery of noteable unibrows in sports history.

Strip Club Hero

Georgia offensive tackle Zach DeBell wanted to blow off some steam, so like any good 21-year-old college student, he went to a strip club (Toppers International Showbar in Athens, to be precise). But then another customer got unruly with a dancer and DeBell sprung into action, carried the man outside by his belt and collar and “placed him on the sidewalk outside the front doorway.” I spoke with one of my sources at UGA who confirmed this story as 100% true. 

Most Hated College Football Team By State

A user on Reddit created this map looking at each state's least favorite college football team. My favorite part is that my home state of Massachusetts randomly hates Texas while Rhode Island got the dreaded "who cares." 

P.M. Lovely Ladies of the Day

Buffalo David Bitton’s “Buffalo Instababes 2015 Calendar” is out and is a gold mine of former LLODs. The calendar features Ashley Sky, Gemme Lee Farrell, Val Mercado, Vivian Kindle, Sarah Stage, Liane V, Mara Teigen, Lisa Morales, Emily Sears, Charlotte McKinney and Bryana Holly. That's an All-Star lineup if I ever saw one (click here for full-size gallery).

Hot Clicks Giveaway: Buffalo Instababes 2015 Calendar

You've seen the babes. Now get the calendar. I have 10 Buffalo David Bitton’s “Buffalo Instababes 2015 Calendars” waiting to be given away. First, remember to check out the Buffalo David Bitton Twitter account (@BuffaloJeans) and website for the opportunity to purchase your own calendar. In the meantime, I'll give one to the 20th, 40th, 60th, 80th, 100th, 120th, 140th, 160th, 180th and 200th person to email me ( the two NBA players featured in the Vault photo of this morning's Hot Clicks. Please make the subject line "Buffalo Instababes Calendar."

WWE Joins Ugly Sweater Party

What would Christmas be without an Ultimate Warrior sweater? ***

Be A Good Person Friday

I received an email this morning from a woman named Robin Zaborek, the Executive Director of a small nonprofit called the Down Syndrome-Autism Connection. There are a lot of organizations that help out with Down Syndrome and Autism, but Robin's is believed to be the only organization that helps patients who have both disabilities. Robin's daughter, who passed away over two years ago, was one of those unfortunate few. I say this every week and I don't want to be annoying, but if you have anything -- even $5 or $10 -- please donate. It's amazing how good you'll feel. To learn more, visit the website of the Down Syndrome-Autism Connection and donate today.

Wisconsin's Cleats Have a Lot of Words

Kyle Orton Fan Club

College Bowl Game Gifts

Joey Crawford: Attention Hog

Metta World Peace and Joey Crawford :: Getty Images

I dug into our photo archive for the best Joey Crawford photos I could find.

Odds & Ends

Extra Mustard's weekend preview (for those not sure what to do) ... A look at who would win the SEC Championship if it wasn't based on football ... Kyrie Irving made quite the fashion statement with this backpack ... Dez Bryant doesn't give a f--- who films him on the sidelines ... Nebraska's Jack Gangwish tried to take a selfie with a racoon. It didn't go well ... New Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorious is a talented artist ... The most liked Instagram posts of 2014 ... This Aaron Paul app will be very successful.

Baboon vs. Golfer

Luke Donald gets interrupted by a baboon while playing a tournament in South Africa.

Surprise! It's Aaron Rodgers

The Packers quarterback visits an inner-city prep school as part of his "It's Aaron" web series.

Bad Parody of the Day

Virginia Tech, as a school, should be embarrassed by this.

Bill Burr on Conan

The great Bill Burr visited Conan to promote his new Netflix special I'm Sorry You Feel That Way.

*** I know it's sweatshirts, but Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts has no ring to it so I'm calling them sweaters.

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