The College Football Playoff Selection Committee picked Ohio State over TCU, but as a consolation, we've assembled a list of five categories in which TCU emerges as the victor.

By Andrew Doughty
December 10, 2014

Ohio State is in, TCU is out, and there are a lot of furious individuals across the college football world. Unfortunately for the Horned Frogs, the College Football Playoff Selection Committee deemed the Buckeyes more worthy than Gary Patterson's Big 12 squad (or, at least, deemed the potential for revenue from OSU fans to be greater). Despite outrage from those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the committee isn't changing its decision. But as a consolation, let's look at a few non-football areas in which TCU would prevail over Ohio State without a lick of controversy.

1. Most References in Tin Cup

Warner Brothers

Winner: TCU
Tin Cup, a 1996 romantic-comedy starring Kevin Costner and Rene Russo, saw Dennis Burkley's character Earl wear a TCU shirt on a few occasions. To the best of our knowledge, there were no references to Ohio State University in one of the most popular sports movies of all time.

2. Mascot Cagematch

Joe Robbins & Ethan Miller/Getty

Winner: TCU
Ohio State's mascot is an anthropomorphic nut. Nothing about Brutus screams athleticism; he looks like a guy with a big head and a neckbeard. And TCU? It is represented by a little fella known as the SUPER FROG. Just based on name alone, TCU comes out on top, but when you actually look at the Super Frog himself, his superiority is immediately obvious. He's covered in spiky armor, his head is aerodynamically designed, and have you seen the quads on that guy? No contest. In the octagon, Super Frog beats Brutus.

3. Fewest Starting Quarterbacks During Training Camp and Regular Season

Ronald Martinez/Getty

Winner: TCU
Even if we had only included the regular season, the Horned Frogs would have prevailed. The Buckeyes' highly-publicized quarterback merry-go-round has featured Braxton Miller, J.T. Barrett, and Cardale Jones since mid-training camp in August. Despite unconfirmed reports that Gary Patterson might allow Texas A&M transfer Matt Joeckel to start games in 2014, Patterson has seen only Trevone Boykin start for TCU.

4. Most Alums Named LaDainian Tomlinson

Ronald Martinez/Getty

Winner: TCU
Texas Christian has managed to churn out exactly one alum with the name LaDainian Tomlinson. The former All-America running back for the Horned Frogs and the No. 5 overall pick in the 2001 NFL Draft, Tomlinson ran for 13,684 yards in the pros and found the endzone 145 times during an illustrious 11-year career. Ohio State does not have any alums named LaDainian Tomlinson. Therefore, TCU wins by an agonizingly slim 1-nil margin.

5. Best Tex-Mex Cuisine

A variety of tacos from La Pasadita Restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas
Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Getty

Winner: TCU
Fort Worth offers myriad options for connoisseurs of the greatest food group: Tex-Mex. Take, for example, Hacienda Ranch's brisket tacos, Los Vaqueros' enchilada omelette, or Mi Cocina's chile-lime seasoned shrimp. The only bad thing about Fort Worth's Tex-Mex is having to choose just one option. OSU stands in stark contrast. When you search "Tex Mex Ohio State" in Yelp, the only three options are Taco Bell. TCU is the decisive winner here.

Screenshot via Yelp

Andrew Doughty is a writer for Next Impulse Sports

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