By Extra Mustard
January 07, 2015

New Jersey governor Chris Christie's appearance in the owner's box at Sunday's Cowboys-Lions game is (somehow) one of the biggest stories of the week. In an interview with ESPN on Wednesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones explained why people such as Christie watch games with him.

From the Dallas Morning News

"Whenever I can get around important or exciting people, I want to do it," Jones said. "I’ve got a nice little list of sitting with some pretty big winners at some of these key games.

"I know Nelson Mandela, I got to sit with him, and took him to the dressing room, and you can imagine how the players went crazy and coaches, just to meet Nelson Mandela.

"We’ve had some of the top people, the top politicians, President Bush. I’ve had people from many areas that come in and just add to, if you will, just the intensity of the moment. That makes it seem special. I want it to seem special for the ones who aren’t in the stadium as well."

Chris Christie says Philadelphia fans are 'the worst in America'

Christie's presence does seem to bring the Cowboys good luck. They're 3-0 when he's in attendance this season. But the governor's fandom has also caused a few problems. Christie's trip to the Wild Card game may have violated New Jersey's ethics code for gifts to politicians. In fact, the American Democracy Legal Fund has lodged an official complaint against Christie.

- Dan Gartland

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