Patriots' Rob Gronkowski owns a party bus nicknamed 'Sinners Bus'

Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel has an in-depth look at Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, and his somewhat growing maturity as he hopes to lead the team to a Super Bowl, but the article's juiciest nugget is the Sinners Bus.  
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Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel has an in-depth look at Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and his somewhat growing maturity as he hopes to lead New England to a Super Bowl. But the article's best detail is that Gronk owns a party bus nicknamed Sinners Bus.

The bus is Gronk's private mode of transportation. He bought it, appropriately enough, from a church in Long Island, before turning it into a party on wheels.

The bus holds eight and comes with hardwood floors and a top-of-the-line sound system, but Gronkowski says his goal in buying the vehicle was actually to be more responsible. As Thamel writes:

Believe it or not, Gronk’s ownership of the bus can be viewed more as a sign of maturity than of debauchery. After years of being an easy subject for iPhone paparazzi, with gawkers buzzing around him at bars and snapping shirtless photos that inevitably found their way online, Gronk has seen the value in hosting the party instead of seeking it...

“You can still be having fun,” Gronk says, “but maybe it’s in more of a setting where people don’t know what’s going on.”

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The article is filled with great stories about the star tight end, including tales of his time living a frat-like existence with Patriots linebackers Dane Fletcher and Niko Koutouvides.

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