By Extra Mustard
January 07, 2015

After weeks of speculation, the LA Galaxy announced Wednesday that they have signed Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard, who will play alongside former teammate Robbie Keane. Here's how MLS announced it:

"Bae" (before anyone else) is what kids these days call people they love. It's also how corporations try to connect with young consumers

So, did teens see the tweet, think, "Yes, here is a company that gets me," and rush to buy LA Galaxy season tickets, a jersey and a scarf? No. Everyone hated it, even some American soccer teams.


Darin Erstad responds to getting one Hall of Fame vote​

• ​U. of Oregon has a Buckeye tree because it lost a bet

•​ Dwyane Wade has an awesome Marquette court for his son​

And that's only half of them.

- Dan Gartland

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