By Extra Mustard
January 07, 2015

Sure, little kids don't need your full attention during athletic events, because the rules are a little more free and everybody wins.

That said, a referee should probably still do his best to avoid taking a phone call in the middle of a game. 

This guy didn't seem to get that memo, adding more fuel to the fire of referee hate that has been all the rage in the sports world the past few days. 

You have to feel for the person on the other end of the line, too. All of that sneaker squealing can't be pleasant on the eardrums.

UPDATE: It turns out there's an explanation. Someone from the school district told Deadspin what the deal was: 

We did some fact checking. Turns out the ref was calling his supervisor to report that a referee was needed at a crosstown game with 44 kids and no officials. Poor judgment to call during the game? Yes, but his intention was to help the other school. The referee organization has confirmed the call and is investigating the incident.


-Josh Sanchez

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