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It's the 15th year anniversary of one of the craziest plays in NFL history. 

By Extra Mustard
January 08, 2015

On Jan. 8, 2000, the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans gave us a highlight that's been analyzed so many times it's basically the NFL's version of the Zapruder film. That day gave us the Music City Miracle, and on this #tbt we not only celebrate its 15th-year anniversary, but also Extra Mustard will settle the lateral/forward pass debate once and for all. 

First, let's set the stage.The Bills and Titans were playing in the Wild Card round in Nashville. Buffalo had just made a 41-yard field goal to take a 16-15 lead with 16 seconds left in the game. That's when Titans coach Jeff Fisher called "Home Run Throwback" in hopes of getting his team into field-goal range. Here's the play in all of its glory (and please stick around for the Wade Phillips tempter tantrum): 

Now, in this photo it appears Titans tight end Frank Wycheck (a legendary Madden 2001 player) throws the ball from the 25-yard line: 

In this photo, it looks like wide receiver Kevin Dyson catches the ball a little ahead of the 25-yard line: 

Well, the debate is settled. Clearly it was a forward pass. Bills fans have a right to complain about their eternal misery, and the Titans obviously got away with one. It was an exciting play, but it probably never should have happened.

Oh. Maybe we can figure it out in another 15 years. 

- Rohan Nadkarni


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