Thanks to Packers, city of Green Bay is obsessed with Settlers of Catan

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Kevin Clark is the intrepid Wall Street Journal reporter who has been exploring the offbeat side of the NFL this season. He's the guy behind the story on Andrew Luck's trash talk and Aaron Rodgers' stupid jokes.

His latest story is about how the Packers made Green Bay crazy for Settlers of Catan, a strategic board game. 

Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari was the one that introduced the team to the game, and it quickly caught on in the locker room.

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In December, tight end Justin Perillo mentioned his teammates' affinity for the game in a radio interview and people started flocking to Gnome Games, the local game store. Pat Fuge runs the store and told the Journal that sales were "double what I expected."

For the Packers, it isn't just a way to pass time. They take it pretty seriously.

"I was just trying to play some music—some Pearl Jam, and [Bakhtiari] wouldn’t let me," backup quarterback Matt Flynn told the Journal. "He wanted to hear the players talk and strategize. He was very serious. They take it to a different level."

- Dan Gartland