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Wednesday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Best and Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows

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Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows


From Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake to a Destiny's Child reunion, check out the 10 all-time top Super Bowl Halftime Shows. And here are the 10 worst. 

Puppy Bowl Preview

Puppy Bowl XI is set to kick off on Sunday and this year's game will feature Nigerian dwarf goats as cheerleaders. Seriously.The Washington Post has a great piece on how the game comes together and all that goes into a successful Puppy Bowl. If you can't catch this year's game, Uber is delivering adoptable puppies to offices around the country if you need to spice up your work day.

Think U.S. Fans Are Fanatical?

A first-division soccer club in Poland is on a 10-match winless streak, so its fans vented in the most practical way possible. And by practical, I mean the fans broke into the club's home stadium and placed 15 wooden coffins on the field. That's not all. Each coffin featured the initials of a player drawn onto genitals, including one for the team owner. And you thought a harmless "Fire John Izdik" banner was over the line for New York Jets fans. 

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

Sara Jean Underwood was in a great mood this morning, something we applaud at Hot Clicks. She earns P.M. LLOD honors (click here for full-size gallery).

Get. Over. It.

Fans in Baltimore started a petition on to have the Colts and Ravens replay the AFC Championship Game because "we now know the balls were intentionally deflated in the Raven’s game" and “the locker room attendant the NFL has been questioning will eventually spill his guts and make the connection to Brady." The petition currently has 63,000 signatures.

James Harden Olive Oil Art

Yes, olive oil art is a thing and here's the proof.

Bobblehead in Action

One Good Thing About Winter Storm Juno

Phil Jackson on Deflategate

Worst Sound Ever

Love This K-State Fan

Odds & Ends

Watch out Dude Perfect. Pablo Sandoval is working on his trick shots ... Love this video of Carmelo Anthony exchanging words with fans heckling him about defense ... The Gronk Party Bus is on its way to the Super Bowl ... Dion Waiters is unaware his failed layup Vine went viral ... Jake Plummer thinks deflategate is "all a bunch of hubbub" ... Mitt Romney (net worth $250 million) doesn't like spending money on iPad apps ... Five things to know about Carl's Jr. girl Charlotte McKinney... Clint Eastwood was quite the stud in 1955. 


Zach Parise picks his broken tooth off the ice during last night's game against Edmonton.

Aaron Rodgers = Good Guy

Aaron Rodgers visits some children who lost a parent who was serving in the military.

Marshawn Lynch Praises Tom Brady

Complex found a 2008 interview with Marshawn Lynch in which he calls Tom Brady "100 percent hyphy." I had to look up hyphy also.


Wet, Hot American Summer

The first teaser of the Netflix mini-series is out. The eight-episode prequel is set to be released this summer.

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