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A coach at Derby County F.C. in England is attributing the club's success under manager Steve McClaren to a no swearing policy.

By Extra Mustard
February 09, 2015

A coach at Derby County F.C., is attributing the club's success under manager Steve McClaren to the team's no swearing policy.

The team is currently second in the Football League Championship standings and coach Paul Simpson believes it has to do with the team learning to stay clam and not hurl four-letter words at the ref, according to the BBC.

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"We have realized that when you swear at people, it doesn't get the reaction you want. We try not to swear if we possibly can, and we certainly don't use foul and abusive language in the technical area when we are talking to officials - which seems to be the common trend."

The team is following the lead of sports psychiatrist Dr. Steve Peters, whose book The Chimp Paradox talks about controlling emotion during competition.

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