Nick Young confirms that a dolphin once tried to kill him

Nick Young confirmed Iggy Azalea's claims on Twitter that a dolphin once tried to kill him.
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The rumors are true: a dolphin once tried to kill Swaggy P.

At least, that's what Nick Young is saying in reference to tweets from his girlfriend, Iggy Azalea, who said on Monday that the Los Angeles Lakers guard is "scared" of dolphins.

Murderous dolphins are nothing to joke about to be sure, but it seems like Iggy was just looking for a forum for discussion. She eventually opened up her short stream of consciousness to her fans:

A day later on Tuesday, Rachel Nichols brought us the confirmation we so desperately needed:

Apparently Swaggy's doing OK with the whole thing -- he's getting ready for "Elvis" to be in the building for Tuesday night's game against the Denver Nuggets at the Staples Center.

Mike Fiammetta