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All the NBA stars are here, and so is Intern Todd.

By Extra Mustard
February 17, 2015

When there are ridiculous questions that need answering at a major sporting event, CBS' Late Show host David Letterman will make sure that intern Todd is on the scene to get those answers. He traveled to the Super Bowl in Phoenix earlier this month for this purpose, and this past weekend he made an appearance at the NBA All-Star game.

Some of the stars on hand were happy to chat with him, while others were not as receptive to his inquiries.

Kevin Durant in particular really wanted nothing to do with the questions Todd offered, which shouldn't be a surprise as we learned over the weekend that the Oklahoma Thunder All-Star wants nothing to do with the media in general. 

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We also learned some things, such as Scottie Pippen naming Patrick Ewing as far and away the sweatiest man with whom he has ever shared the floor. And that Dikembe Mutombo will let you try on his clothes if you ask him nicely enough – even if you aren't quite his size. 

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