From the Vault: Sports figures talking on comically large cellphones

Remember when every phone was a Zack Morris phone?
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Remember the days when cellphones were the size of footballs and you had to actually make calls to communicate with other people? These throwback photos from the SI Vault are proof that the Big Phone Era not only existed, but that it wasn't that long ago. (Be sure to check back in 10 years, when we'll be making fun of those big, stupid internet watches everyone used to wear.)

Ken Griffey Jr. on a car phone (1998)

Ken Griffey Jr.

Cal Ripken (1993)

Cal Ripken cell phone

Drew and Jason Rosenhaus (1993)

Drew and Jason Rosenhaus cell phones

Drew Rosenhaus (1993)

Drew Rosenhaus phone

Paul Molitor (1994)

Paul Molitor cell phone

Karl Malone (1996)

Karl Malone cell phone

Dennis Rodman (1996)

Dennis Rodman cell phone

Dickey Simpkins, Michael Jordan, Ron Harper and Scottie Pippen (1998)

Bulls cell phone

Cornelius Bennett (1999)

Cornelius Bennett phone