Throughout his career no NBA player was more synonymous with flopping than Vlade Divac, who now wants to be the NBA's flopping czar.

By Extra Mustard
March 10, 2015

Throughout Vlade Divac's career no NBA player was more synonymous with flopping than he, and even he thinks the practice is out of hand in the modern NBA.

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In a recent interview with USA Today's Sam Amick, Divac offered his expert services at helping the NBA decide what is and is not a flop.

"[T]hat should be my job. They should hire me to judge — is it flop or not, right? ... I can do that. If the NBA wants me to be somebody who can say, "It is flop or not?" I'll do that for free. For fun."

Divac goes on to say that when he first started flopping, it was specifically to counter Shaquille O'Neal's power in the paint, but now it is more widespread and the practice "takes fun from the game."
The former center is back in the NBA thanks to a recently announced position as vice president of basketball and franchise operations with his former team, the Sacramento Kings.
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