Wednesday's AM Hot Clicks: Ronda Rousey tries to break Jimmy Fallon's arm, Jessic Sulecki Lovely Lady of the Day

By Brendan Maloy
March 25, 2015

Karl-Anthony Towns Has An Imaginary Friend


Kentucky super freshman Karl-Anthony Towns has a little help when it comes to motivating himself to improve his game: an imaginary friend named Karlito. Towns  told USA Today  that Karlito helps to remind him about missed shots and other mistakes so the likely lottery pick does not rest on his laurels. And yes, Karlito already has a Twitter account.

Rousey vs. Fallon

Ronda Rousey continued her media tour with a stop by The Tonight Show, where Jimmy Fallon made the mistake of giving the UFC champ his arm. Luckily he had a safe word.

Sarah Jessica Parker is Not a Tom Hanks Fan

Sarah Jessica Parker sat behind Tom Hanks at Tuesday night's Rangers game and it looks as though Parker was not too thrilled with something Hanks said as the camera panned to them based on the look she gave. Or maybe she just suddenly decided she did not like the gum she was chewing.

Lovely Lady of the Day

It has been a few months since Jessica Sulecki had a turn as Lovely Lady of the Day, so today is her (and your) lucky day. (Click here for full-size version.)

Better Late Than Never

An Iowa man got a surprise in the mail last week in the form of an autographed card from former NHL player Shaun Van Allen, 20 years after he sent the center a letter asking for his signature.

Tony Allen is Making Dreams Come True

Grizzlies swingman Tony Allen held a charity karaoke event on Tuesday, an event so romantic sounding I guess it was inevitable that a couple got engaged there.

Sir Charles Has His Own Dress Code


A Triumph of Modern Science

In addition to nachos on a stick, the Brewers also are selling an 18-inch bratwurst topped with cheese curds and cheese sauce. Hopefully they also are increasing the average seat width at Miller Park.

All Big Mac Everything

McDonald's Swedish outpost is branching into clothing with an extensive line of Big Mac-patterned items, ranging from coats to long johns and even wallpaper. The company doesn't currently ship to the U.S., but for now you can stare and hope.

Odds & Ends

Bryce Harper's forearms are expanding at an alarming rate ... Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is already in playoff interview form ... Erik Spolestra sent Craig Sager Hooters care packages to help his recovery ... See how a top NFL prospect watches tape ... Penny Hardaway returns home to help a friend ... The Blazers need a new stadium blimp ... Shelly Sterling is suing V. Stiviano for gifts Donald gave her ... Amazon is having trouble with its delivery drones concept ... Nintendo 64 is fueling Kentucky's success ... Google maps betrayed Edwin Jackson ... Jeremy Clarkson is out at Top Gear ... Jets and Patriots rivalry does not rest in the offseason 

Yankees remake a classic

More Tony Allen Karaoke News

Khris Middleton with Some Buzzer-Beating Magic

All of Sly Stallone's 539 cinematic kills


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