Tuesday's PM Hot Clicks, Lovely lady of the day Jessica Szohr

By Pete Blackburn
March 31, 2015

Hey everyone, Pete Blackburn filling in for Andy while he's off gallivanting with beautiful women and doing other lame stuff that doesn't make me jealous. You can continue to find me on the Twitter machine (@PeteBlackburn) and right here for Weekend Hot Clicks.

The Superfans of March

March comes to a close today and—although the Madness will continue into April—it's a pretty good time to look at some of the crazier fans who showed up to support their schools at this year's tournament (click here for full-size version). Speaking of superfans, this Wisconsin supporter was not pleased that Bing photoshopped her into a Duke fan, and nobody will be rooting harder for Michigan State to win the title than this guy. And in case you missed it, here's SI's photo montage video of the second week of tournament action.

Celebrating Jaromir

The Florida Panthers will be holding 'Mullet Night' to honor their new (and very, very old) forward, Jaromir Jagr. The promotion will also hopefully help the 'Traveling Jagrs' find a Panthers representative to join their team.

Sports vs. Indianapolis

Whether you love him or hate him—and there's a good chance it's either one of those—Keith Olbermann delivered a compelling monologue urging the NCAA to move the Final Four out of Indianapolis because of the state's "religious freedom" act against gay people. NASCAR—which obviously is heavily tied to the state—​isn't exactly happy with the new law, either.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Actress Jessica Szohr celebrates her 30th birthday today, so our present to her (and you) is this afternoon's LLOD honors. (Click here for full-sized gallery.)

Uh-oh, Deveaux

An arrest warrant has been issued for former NHLer Andre Deveaux after his vicious attack on an opponent prior to a game in Sweden over the weekend.

Ugliest. Baseball Jersey. Ever.

What the...?

The Sixers mascot is getting dangerously close to being NSFW.

Is this "flabby?"

And if it is, does it really matter? A reminder that this is what Tom Brady looked like at the combine.

Odds & Ends

Robert Kraft took the stand to testify as a witness in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial and had a tough time explaining his "work".... Brek Shea scored on an awesome free kick in the USMNT's friendly against Switzerland, prompting a few soccer bros to lose their minds... The perfect Final Four snacks for each remaining team... Jay Mariotti is still the worst... The Cincinnati Reds have created an awesome in-stadium nursery for parents... Ranking the sexiest Carl's Jr. Commercials of all time... Tiger Woods could be making his PGA Tour return at the Masters next week... Proof that golf WAGs are easily the most underrated in sports... Commonplace things Americans do that people in other countries would find highly offensive... The most underrated comedy on TV—New Girl—has been renewed for a fifth season.

Speaking of 'New Girl'...

J.J. Watt will be on an upcoming episode, in which he'll sing a song about stadium foods. G.O.A.T.

Gareth Bale = Awesome At Half-Court Shots

It's too bad the NBA doesn't have half-court specialists. That soccer thing seems to be working out for him, though.


'Masterminds' Looks Awesome

This trailer premiered during Comedy Central's Bieber roast last night. Jason Sudeikis, Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig and Owen Wilson? I'm in.

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