Nick Kroll stopped by SI Now on Tuesday to talk about his new movie Adult Beginners and marvel at the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

By Extra Mustard
April 21, 2015

Nick Kroll stopped by SI Now on Tuesday to talk about his new movie Adult Beginners and marvel at the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

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With the NBA's ultimate prize right in front of him the comedian could not help but bemoan the current state of the Knicks, regretting the re-signing of Carmelo Anthony last summer to a max contract.

"I am glad we re-signed Melo. That was a smart play. We just want to fill up that cap space with on guy who is a proven non-winner."

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Kroll joked that the solution to the team's problems may be calling up J.R. Smith's much maligned brother Chris from the D-League, before absconding with the trophy at the end of his interview.

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