UAB football player protests team's disbanding with helmet at graduation

Witness the evolution of the cap and gown, in the name of the disbanded Blazers football program.
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The disbanding of the UAB football program has left many unhappy.

Blazers linebacker Derek Slaughter opted to make his feelings known with a creative take on the old cap-and-gown graduation attire. In a series of Instagram posts, Slaughter documented his graduation day as well as his protest: wearing his football helmet throughout the day. The plan, of course, was to shake the school president's hand with it on. At least, at first.

Slaughter took to the stage with his helmet in hand, and opted out of the customary handshake with UAB president Ray Watts, the man who pulled the plug on the football program. Everyone cheered. See below.

Another angle:

The firshand account:

And, the thought process.

- Jeremy Woo