Sports Illustrated's Thursday a.m. Hot Clicks, featuring the fallout from Deflategate and Shauna LeValley.

By Andy Gray
May 06, 2015

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Deflategate Fallout

Rob Ninkovich, Vince Wilfork and Patriots fans
Getty Images

The Wells Report (all 243 pages of it) is in and it's “more probable than not” that Patriots personnel tried to break the rules. Sportsgrid has a good roundup of the Patriots' overall shadiness as detailed in the report. My biggest takeaway is how much the equipment managers disliked Tom Brady, though one of them texted "LOL spaz," so they automatically lose credibility. SI's Don Banks doesn't expect a big punishment for Brady while Shannon Sharpe has a lot harsher penalties in mind. Brady's dad thinks it's all a big crock and even came up with a new term for the whole fiasco—Framegate. Rob Gronkowski had the best reaction of all (after he finished flexing, of course). 

NBA Round-Up

LeBron James led the Cavs to a 106-91 victory over Chicago to tie the series at 1-1, but all anyone is talking about is LeBron's headband (and the clever mockumentary about his decision to wear one again). The most exciting aspect of the game (besides the headband) was the Cavs decision to cancel their arm sling promotion. The team had planned to give them away (in honor of Kevin Love) instead of rally towels. In Houston, the Rockets evened their series with the Clippers thanks to a near-record 64 free throws. The Clippers had a chance to pull within two points with 38 seconds left, but Austin Rivers pulled an Austin Rivers and turned the ball over. Blake Griffin was not impressed. Game 3 is Friday in Los Angeles.

Forget the games. The highlight of the night took place on the TNT set when Shaquille O'Neal (all 7'1", 325 pounds of him) took an embarrassing spill while attempting to get out of his chair. As expected, the internet had a field day with The Big Klutz.

Help Make Villanova's Piccolo Girl a Bobblehead

A kickstarter campaign has been launched for Roxanne Chalifoux (a.k.a. Villanova piccolo girl) to get her own bobblehead. As of this writing (6:13 a.m.), not one person has pledged. That's sad. Do what you can to help this important cause. Look how good she looks as an emoji!

A.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

I don't use cheerleaders as LLODs very often but Shauna LeValley of the Golden State Warriors is worth making an exception for. Especially when her sister (another Warriors cheerleader) pops in for a few of the shots. Shauna earns today's honors (click here for full-size gallery).

The 50 Most Dominant Athletes

Business Insider ranked the 50 most dominant athletes alive. I won't spoil No. 1 for you, but I will give you a hint: She looks good in a swimsuit.

3D Floors Make the Best Floors

These will mess with your mind.

Thinking of Buying a Tim Tebow Jersey?

I recommend buying jersey insurance for an additional $10.

McDonald's New Hamburglar Looks Familiar

Bad Tattoo of the Day

Who Exactly Was Asking For This?

Great Moments in Sports Handshakes


Synchronized Baseball

Odds & Ends

Bryce Harper smacked three home runs yesterday, then attended the Caps-Rangers game in person ... Wikipedia lists Patrick Kane as owner of the Minnesota Wild​ ... The Brewers broadcasters (including Bob Uecker) got locked inside the booth and needed to be rescued ... Twins outfielder Eddie Rosario hits a home run on his first MLB swing, then got dissed by his teammates in the dugout ... An ode to the always entertaining Bartolo Colon ... Former Phillies teammates Mitch Williams and Lenny Dykstra still hate each other ... The Atlanta Hawks unveiled the first emoji keyboard in pro sports ... Golf just got a lot sexier ... Not a great day for One Direction fans ... Chinese Shake Shack is coming to America ... The holograms of dead comedians will perform their classic stand-up routines.

What a Finish!

Tampa Bay takes a 3-0 series lead on Montreal after this last-second goal by Tyler Johnson.

Meet Hailey Clauson

We played a game of "Fill in the Dots" with the SI Swimsuit rookie.

Eddie Murphy Does Reggae

The comedian has a new song called "Oh Jah Jah" and I kinda dig it.  

Eddie Murphy Does Mr. Rodgers

This is still my favorite Eddie Murphy.

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