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The WHL held its annual draft on Thursday, and some of the players selected have odd names. 

By Extra Mustard
May 07, 2015

The WHL, a Canadian junior hockey league, held its annual draft on Thursday, which provided an excellent window into 21st century naming customs. 

Adam Herman of Blueshirt Banter helpfully tallied many of the the most noteworthy names. They include two players named Rylan, four named Dawson, four Jacksons and a Jaxon. There's Haydn, Lach, Brodi, Colum and Kale. Also Loeden, Paycen and Keltie. We've got Kaeden, Caiden, Kaiden and Kaid, too. 

The draft is for players born in 2000, so this is the future of hockey. Get ready to start cheering for Gianni Fairbrother and Orrin Centazzo.

Inside Lacrosse has been publishing the All-Name Team for years, but the next generation of hockey names will be just as good. 

Check out the rest of the names Herman highlighted below, and click here for the full results of the draft. 

Wikipedia lists Minnesota Wild owner as Patrick Kane

- Dan Gartland

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