Alabama, Florida fans wed, prank each other with wedding cake design

An Alabama fan and a Florida fan got married recently, and they played some school-spirited shenanigans with the wedding cake.
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When an Alabama fan and a Florida elect to tie the knot, it only makes sense to have some school-spirited shenanigans on wedding day. The cake seems especially ripe for SEC prankery.

Thanks to College Spun, we have one such example: an Alabama fan, Robert Sabin, had his cake adorned with Nick Saban holding a national championship trophy atop an elephant on the Bryant–Denny Stadium field. That could've been problematic, considering his wife, Amanda Perryman, is a Florida grad.

Bold move by Sabin—the Crimson Tide has won four straight against the Gators, and the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is upset the bride-to-be.

Roll Tide indeed. To Perryman's credit, however, she didn't get mad—she got revenge.

As College Spun relates, she found out about Sabin's decoration plans ahead of time and made some of her own. Look at the inside of the cake, dyed Gator blue and orange.

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Great work from both newlyweds—best wishes to them and congratulations to the cake designer that managed to accommodate both fans' requests.

[h/t College Spun]

Mike Fiammetta