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Virginia Tech coach Buzz Williams reads mean tweets

By Extra Mustard
May 19, 2015

Virginia Tech basketball coach Buzz Williams became the latest sports figure to confront the darkest reaches of Twitter in a Jimmy Kimmel-inspired "mean tweets" video.

The Hokies didn't go easy on Williams in their tweet-selection. Some of the tweets are really not nice.

Here are some highlights from the video, which you can watch below.

- Williams is confused about what "henchman" means in a comic book context

- He is very impressed (and uninsulted) by @Nobe_darrin's implication that he gargles with barbed wire

- He knows Charles Barkley well but is not "near as heavy" as the Round Mound of Rebound

- He enjoys Frank Caliendo imitations

- He reveals he does not know who Channing Tatum is

- He has been compared to Curly Howard of Three Stooges fame

- He has a sense of humor about his sometimes-eccentric tie selection

• Hawks kiss cam shows hilarious, possibly staged beer spill 

Here's the whole video:

- Alex Putterman

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